Most of the people if not all know that dog is the man’s best friend because of their faithful character — and one dog in Brazil is demonstrating that his loyalty is forever. Over four months after his owner was hospitalized in Sao Paul, an anonymous dog keept waiting outside the Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte clinic — the last place he saw his human friend

The pup’s dad, a 59-year-old homeless, got baldy wounded in a neighborhood park, Brazilian daily paper O Globo reported. The dog apparently hurried to the hospital and has been sitting tight outside the passageway for his friend to return.

Cristine Sardella, a local who live two streets from the the hospital, took a picture of the poor pup a month ago and posted it on Facebook, saying that people have a lot to learn from animals. The dog, looked determined to stay where he was, till his owner will come back.

“He would get up to let people pass by, very politely, and afterward lay down in the same spot once more,” Crisrine told The Dodo. “He was trained and tame.”

He lays outside the hospital’s reception office on a rug, and stares inside. Sometimes, staff stated, he’ll leave looking for food and water but in the end he always return. She said that after she posted of the dog’s “sad” story online two weeks ago, a city rescue team took the pooch to a shelter in order to find him another home, yet the dog got away. “He fled over the city,” the woman said. “He run [almost two miles] and came back to the hospital.”

Meanwhile, the dog is being dealt with by hospital staff and will even be vaccinated and seen by a vet as one of the hospital staff wants to adopt him. The hospital’s manager, Osvaldo Sobrinho, told The Dodo that one of his colleagues wants to take him home when the right time will come. “He will have a very friendly home with our employee,” the manager said.

This Brazilian puppy isn’t the first one that sadly sat tight for a reunion that will never come. A Japanese puppy named Hachiko also held up over nine years close Shibuya Station in Tokyo for his owner, Hidesaburo Ueno, to get back home from work at the University of Tokyo. Indeed, even after Ueno passed away, Hachiko still waited for his friend each evening until he himself passed away in 1935. A bronze statue of Hachiko was built at the station in 1934.