Dog goes to church and attends mass every day. The reason he does that will leave you in tears!

Not many churches let pets to sit in amid mass, yet Tommy the pooch is a special case. His viral story has made thousands everywhere throughout the world shed a couple of tears.

The 7-year-old German Shepherd in San Donaci, Italy, goes to chapel almost every day and sits unobtrusively through the mass. It soon turned into an ordinary event as the people from the congregation have become used to seeing the dog sitting calmly close to the holy place amid mass. In any case, it is the tragic story of this dedicated canine that has us wanting to give him a big, long embrace.

Tommy had a place with 57-year-old Maria Margherita Lochi. Maria saved the puppy after she discovered him abandoned in a field close to her home. She took him home and he turned into a dear companion. She gave him love and affection, and consequently, Tommy was very faithful.

A couple of months back, Maria passed away, and from that point forward, the puppy has been sitting tight for his cherished proprietor to return. He goes to the congregation since that happened to be the last place he saw her, amid her memorial service.

Consistently, he arrives when the mass bell rings and remains until the mass is finished.

A sorrowful Tommy is being well cared by kind villagers who feed him frequently. Watch the video beneath for more:

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