Dog annoying cats with their friendship

Everybody knows that dogs and cats don’t get along to well.

The internet is loaded with hilarious cats and dogs recordings, yet the best ones must be those where the two animals are involved. Because puppies are most of the time the bigger and louder creature, people believe that they would terrify felines. Be that as it may, actually cats scars dogs much more than as is thought by people.

Puppies are in general overly-friendly by nature and are always in the mood to play, while felines are known for being more discreet and calm. So I can, sort of, understand why dogs may bother cats!

So watching dogs trying to make friends with their cat housemates is awesome in light of the fact that you know it will end in an epic fail. Dogs move around and keep an eye on their cat ‘friends’ yet the felines aren’t having any of it, batting away the energetic puppies and shooting them death stares.

See below the hilarious reactions:

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