Do You Know How McDonald’s Fries Are Made? This Will Disgust You

When I was younger, the french fries from McDonald’s were the best possible fries in the world for me. I recollect a particular day when I was a preteen that my body could no more endure eating them. Also, that is no big surprise! It turns out their french fries are garbage!

French fries use Russet Burbank Potatoes, a potato that is shoddy to develop, however imperfections effortlessly and gets Net Necrosis, a potato infection, very easy. So McDonald’s needs to splash it with a pesticide called methamidophos.
“That is lethal to the degree where Idaho ranchers who develop these potatoes don’t go on the fields for five days after the showering.”
In the wake of reaping, the potatoes aren’t even palatable. They need to sit within a football stadium measured “climatic shed” for six weeks before they can be eaten.

Watch the video underneath for the full story. Unbelievable!

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