The most recent foray into the dill pickle world is this flavored vodka from Urban Distilleries in Kelowna, B.C.

Perhaps there’s somebody who really needs pickle-flavored alcohol?

Well, lets say that I understand their regular dill-flavored vodka.

Dill is an exquisite herb and likely adds an appetizing hint to one’s mixed drinks.

But then again, pickles?!

Obviously, it might be a Canadian thing.

A “Pickled Caesar” is a variety of the popular Canadian mixed drink, which is like a Bloody Mary, however includes clam juice.

I assume the flavored vodka implies you can skip adding pickle juice to the blend. Yippee?

Now, this coffee flavored vodka is a choice that I can understand.

Simply envision it blended into a hot chocolate on an icy winter night. Yasss.

What do you think about the dill pickle vodka? Is it insane, or would we say we are?