Dad’s lightning-like reflexes save his son’s face from a spinning baseball bat, flying through the air

This picture was made by a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review photographer Christopher Horner and has turned into a web sensation. That is no big surprise, since he figured out how to catch a truly amazing and threatening minute, which could have finished in a catastrophe were it not for the father’s response.

Shaun Cunningham took his child to his first ball game as an early birthday present, while his wife and little girl went shopping. 8-year-old Landon was upbeat to sit so near the field, yet he didn’t know yet it place him in an incredible peril.

The kid was taking pictures with his dad’s phone and was picking the best ones to impart to his mother. Fortunately, his dad was focusing on the players and saw when the bat slipped out of one of the player’s hand. It was flying straight towards the crowd.

Shaun remembers that in the first place, it appeared like the bat would go over their heads, yet then he understood it may really hit Landon. He threw his hand up, hoping to prevent the inevitable. And he did.

The man says he didn’t understand how close the bat was to his child’s face until he saw the photos.

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