Dad Turns His Baby Into A Real-Life ‘Elf On A Shelf’ And The Results Are Adorable

Alan Lawrence is a father of six children. While most parents with so much kids let themselves to become harried and irritable, Alan appreciates the blessing that comes with being a dedicated father. The Elf on the Shelf is one of the most funny and dearest Christmas traditions that we have as a culture. On account of Alan’s wonderful thought, you will never have the capacity to see The Elf on the Shelf in the same way again.

Rockwell is his last children. The four month old is a beloved newborn and a delight to be around. Alan chose to dress his son up as the Elf on the Shelf and the outcomes are just amazing. His wife helped him to make the youngster’s outfit and from that point, he has archived the adventures of his own little elf on his That Dad Blog.

Alan got the thought from his friends who also participated at this adventure. In his brain, there is something a little unpleasant about this basic household decoration. That is the reason he chose to make his own tradition. His family and friends have nothing on his Elf on the Shelf, however. His mythical little buddy can move independent from anyone else and he is likewise much more adorable than theirs.

He has made a photo series to archive little elf’s comings and goings. Fortunately for us, Alan also plans to keep posting photos of the “mythical person” until Christmas arrives. This can only make us happy. Alan is likewise very talented as a photo editor. You can likewise see his touching photos with his other child, who has Down Syndrome.

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