Dad tells dog he bought a kitten. Internet can’t stop laughing at dog’s comeback

Have you at any point wished your dog could talk? Its a well known fact that most puppy owners talk with their puppies… they’re our closest companions, after all! In any case, envision a world in which our darling pups could talk back and keep the chat going. Wouldn’t be that a sight to behold?

We all know that dogs can’t talk! In any case, they beyond any doubt can speak with people by means of physical movements, facial expression and a lot of interesting sounds. Lots of us would love to hear what’s happening within our pup’s head, and this puppy father is the same. So as opposed to wondering, he simply chose to create the commentary himself!

That is the reason this puppy owner chose to film a video of his canine and give the whole thing a funny voice-over. It has turned into a web sensation and you can se why!Take a look at this hilarious voice-over video by pressing “play” on the video beneath! Have you talk with your dog? Leave your comments below.

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