Dad takes hilarious pics with his baby girl in costumes and they’re just too adorable

A 36-year-old California father named Sholom Ber Solomon doesn’t precisely require any persuading from his 9-month-old girl, Zoe, to play dress-up. He has a pizazz for matching outfits, and the funny photographs he posts with his baby girl are going very popular.

From ballet performers, to hula artists, to actually a bucket of fried chicken, Solomon and his little baby have gone up against a significant host of characters. The vintage shop-proprietor had a past notoriety for posturing in foolish outfits, yet his “performance” is very appreciated on the Internet thanks to Zoe also. “I plan to bring photographs with her whenever she will let me,” he told the Daily Mail.

This dynamic team have gathered almost 3000 likes on Facebook, and their story is spreading all over the world with the speed of light. Let’s be realistic, we as a whole sort of wish we had somebody who might dress in impressive matching outfits like this with us. Look at some of their most knee-slapping get-ups underneath, and bear in mind to vote your favorite picture!

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