Dad Spots A Giant Spider On The Ceiling and Does The Worst Possible Thing. The Result? OMG!

Alright, so I am giving you reasonable cautioning, in the event that you are an arachnophobic the video you are going to watch underneath might be more than you can tolerate! In the event that you are made of harder stuff, you need to see this.
This guy, from Australia, spots one of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen on the roof of his home. No exterminators for him, he has an arrangement to catch it (maybe to release it once more into nature).

Our saint discloses his arrangement to his daughter, whom we hear off camera, cautioning him to be watchful. The association between them is insane, as the parent-child parts are obviously turned around. What happens as he endeavors to catch this mammoth huntsman creepy crawly in a plastic compartment… well you need to see it to trust it!

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