When Criss Angel Did THIS In The Park, Everyone Run Away Horrified

Picture it’s a delightful sunny day, you’re in the park, making the most of your morning walk, overlooking your issues and concerns.

That is when Criss Angel welcomes you to participate in an extreme magic trick, its notoriety has turned out to be very bizarre, however, we’re in a park, nothing can turn out badly. Or, then again so we imagine.

Anyway, this man who is constantly encompassed by a sort of a grim magic, has something new for us. What we see resembles a scene from a thriller. Angel, ironic name, takes two honest, random individuals and recommends them to lay on two different benches, and afterward — spread their bodies in two. Yep, you read it right! He separated bodies into two.

Now the fun starts. Panicked, people started running and shouting! Furthermore, Angel leaves laughing as though nothing have happened and he’s simply having a walk in the park.

Well I know that we think about smoke and mirrors … yet where are they? Magic exists if you believe…

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