This Couple Was Running Away From A Wild Animal, But Then They Saw Something Weird On Its Head. So They Turned Around And Hit “Record”…

Dean Hornberger and Samantha Eigenbrod were going out for a walk close to their home in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, when all of a sudden they spotted something that truly got their attention: a black bear! Black bears are no grizzlies yet despite everything you would prefer not to encounter them.

Seeing something weird, they approached the bear.Why? A nearer look uncovered that the poor creature’s head was caught in a plastic barrel. It turned out, he’d been stuck for almost two weeks like that. He probably been extremely desperate.

Dean attempted to free him however the container was stuck on so firmly that he couldn’t to pull it off. Several individuals to help, including one man fixing down the bear to the ground.

Without a doubt, none of them had ever envisioned they’d have such a nearby experience with a bear. Thank heavens they all took the time — and chance — to help the poor animal. It beyond any doubt wasn’t simple.

See below the struggle they went through to save this poor bear:

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