Childless couple adopts triplets, and then something miraculous happens

This delightful and surprising story is getting viral on Facebook. It’s about a U.S. couple – Andy and Sarah Justice. All they wanted to have on this world is a child, unfortunately couldn’t conceive one.

Following three and a half years, the couple chose to go to a specialist, however the treatment was too expensive (between $30,000– 60,000). Rather they chose to adopt a baby and were soon paired with a birth mother.

At the point when Sarah arrived at the first ultrasound, a specialist disclosed to them that the birth mother was carrying triplets. Sarah couldn’t have been more excited!

Conceived two months early and weighing just 3 pounds each, the infants — Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth — remained in the neonatal intensive care.

Yet, something unbelievable happened then…

After seven days, Sarah started to feel sick and went to the doctor for a checkup. He amazed her: Sarah was pregnant — with twins!

“We were extremely cheerful. Did we panic a bit? Obviously. In any case, we were extremely happy,” she told. “We truly felt this was something God needed us to do. Also, in some cases, when you take after God’s will in a certain way, it leads to the next thing.”

The Justice family grew from two to seven in less than a year!

As indicated by the couple, their babies use 84 bottles of milk and 300 diapers per week!

While Andy and Sarah have their hands full they wouldn’t want it any other way. Sarah summed everything up by saying, “God has an great sense of humor.”

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