Even though the Christmas fever shopping has passed, there are plenty shopping holidays to come and with that more customers hitting up stores and shopping centers. Shake Hill, South Carolina police have cautioned residents to look out for a new way that thieves are assaulting clueless victims — and it includes using their car’s headlights. A Rock Hill inhabitant said in a Facebook post that she encountered the criminal act in a Walmart parking area, as an auto pulled before her and turn on its high beams. She remembered the frightening occurrence, in which, blinded by the lights sparkling at her, the criminals left their vehicle and came to open her car doors.

Since she had locked her car doors, they failed to steal from her and she could drive away, yet it was unquestionably scary moment for her.

A friend of the lady also wrote about it on Facebook and the police investigated it after first trusting it was a hoax. Turns out, it’s a real strategy that thieves utilize.

The Rock Hill Police Departement posted the accompanying message on Facebook:

The victim’s friend explained in an interview:

A Rock Hill Police Department spokesman told in an interview that any incidents like this should be reported and not just written about on social media, explaining:

The Police Department later followed up with this update to their Facebook post:

Source: If A Car Parks In Front Of You With Their Brights On, Get Away Fast; Cops Have Dire Warning by internetroi on Rumble