Can you tell how many watermelons are in this picture?

After you have invested energy searching for the hidden panda on each optical tests and settled riddles that were absolutely wonderful, possibly it’s about time to get some genuine brain teasers and test how your mind functions. This may appear like an arbitrary stuff, but you will soon understand that solving this can really profit you later on.

Yes, I know these are a group of cut up watermelons. What’s more, they beyond any doubt are yummy. Yet, what I need you to let me know is that, what is the number of watermelons you see in the picture above?

This is serious. The photo looks confusing and very tricky, and all of a sudden, you will find that you are counting what number of watermelons are there.

All things considered, by using my aptitudes and a touch of research to help disclose to you the right answer, this is the thing that I have.

We’ll begin with the not so complicated numbering — the watermelon parts.

If we have 4 parts, means we got 2 entire watermelons there, correct?
Okay. With 2 watermelons now, let us continue to the tough part. At first look, you will think that we have 4 watermelons left. Be that as it may, since a fourth of each is gone, this is what will do: we slice them into pieces to get at truth.

To begin with, “cut” every watermelon into a half and set up those together. At that point put whatever remains of the quarter sorts out. By at that point, we get another four parts, so that is two watermelons. And with the remaining four quarters, that is one more watermelon.

Things being what they are, what number of watermelons are there? What did you get? Five? Yes! There are FIVE WATERMELONS!

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