They Built a Supersized Capital, Six Times Larger Than New York City. But Nobody Came!

You may believe this deserted city is loaded with atomic waste, filled with radiation or worse, haunted. Be that as it may, as a general rule, there’s literally nothing amiss with this city; rather, it’s only a casualty of progress.

What’s in this city that travelers are staying away from?


Naypydaw is a colossal city that ranges around 4,800 square kilometers. Its monster roads have up to 20 lanes, and they’re said to have been intended to permit air crafts to land on them. What’s more, these streets even have precisely pruned grove.

The roads are worked for 20 lanes of traffic


Be that as it may, the lanes are totally vacant.


You can see unlimited columns of withdrew structures painted in light pinks, baby blues, and off whites in the midst of a scene of fastidiously preserved yards.

Everything is all around kept up, however for whom?


It has its own safari park, a zoo with a cooled penguin living space, and four golf courses. What’s more, dissimilar to a great part of the nation, which is one of Southeast Asia’s most poverty-stricken, Naypydaw has dependable power and a number of its eateries have free and quick Wi-Fi. The main thing missing from this city is individuals. The city that is (was) Naypydaw is essentially forsaken. It resembles a superbly manicured prophetically catastrophic setting where there’s no tumult and individuals just vanished!

Laborers clean gigantic highways that are scarcely utilized.


You may ponder what it is about this city that individuals appear to stay away from. Indeed, as said over, it’s nothing as uncommon as atomic waste.

There have been reports that Burma contracted experts from North Korea to manufacture an undisclosed system of passages.


Naypydaw turned into the official capital of Myanmar (or Burma) 10 years prior after the administration chose to move the capital from Yangon for no good reason. From that point forward, the administration has burned through cash on building up the zone that is currently Naypydaw. Prior to the improvement exertion, the land was the center of a wilderness that had been uninhabited by individuals for more than 2,000 years.

Workers taking a shot at the lanes of Naypydaw.


Some administration specialists moved to the new capital in 2005, yet many are reluctant to be isolated from their families because of the absence of schools in the new capital. On top of that, the residential locations are color coded based on the jobs of the people.

This man can ride his bicycle securely through the highways without a protective helmet!


Things being what they are, travelers aren’t excited about going to the ghost city, and travel specialists report that the city may be “dangerous”.

The city was raised the center of an unsettled wilderness.


In spite of the fact that the eateries and hotels are totally unfilled…


There’s wifi all around.


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