Brothers’ spellbinding cover of “Drummer Boy” is unlike anything you’ve heard

Each artist puts their own twist on a classic melody, yet once in a while that twist ends up being so amazing that it gives the music a radical new meaning and tone!

At an October 2017 show in Phoenix, Arizona, the Christian pop band For King and Country wowed the spectators with a dazzling new form of the classic Christmas carol, “The Little Drummer Boy.” The band is lead by Australian siblings Joel and Luke Smallbone, and we are sure that you’ve never heard this staid Christmas tune sound this astounding before.

As per their Facebook page, the Nashville-based band has some expertise in “soaring melodies, driving rhythms, theatrical instrumentation and personal themes,” and this adaptation of “Drummer Boy” absolutely demonstrates that this description is exceptionally precise.

Watch the video below to hear this great song like never before. Beautiful!

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