Boy starts dancing at concert, steals the show when the camera pans to him

This video was caught at a Rascal Flatts show in Pikesville, Kentucky. Amid the break, a popular song at the time started to play over the speakers. It’s one that you may recollect that—”I’m Sexy and I Know It” by the LMFAO.

At the point when the catchy, electronic music started to play, one young man just couldn’t keep down. With a mix of crazy moves, amazing energy, and shameless enthusiasm, he at last stole the show, reminding people that it’s super cool and funny to let loose and act naturally.

The three-minute video starts amidst the kid’s high-energy schedule. Wearing a blue collared shirt and a casual pair of pants, he struts down the stairs, pushing his hips, stomping his legs, and amazes everyone all the while. All through his unrehearsed execution, you can see the whole spectators watching him, recording the funny moment while applauding him.

The young man’s show has been seen more than 10 million times. And I need to state, the lyrics of the melody in blend with his unashamed energy do make for an awesome viewing experience. The internet, generally, appears to be awed:

“He will be on Ellen soon!”

“he even got a spotlight stunning”

“Stunning. He looks so glad and he is so charming.”

“go on kid bust a few moves we should take a leaf from his book, simply go and live it up”

This young man goes about as a suggestion to support your inner child; to carry on with a life that makes you happy and keeps your spirit warm all through cool evenings. When we grow up, we have a tendency to lose our feeling of joy, worrying too much over how we might be seen.

So take this kid example and enjoy your life!

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