Boy Goes Sledding, But Grandma Bursts Into Laughter When She Realizes Her Mini Horses ‘Plan’

Like children, animals also love to play in the fresh white powder. Sledding is the favorite winter game and the the hills at White Tail Farm in southern Maryland are ideal for sledding once they get a good snowfall.

With more than 100 acres of land for the lovable miniature horses to meander, there will undoubtedly be a good sledding slope on their property. Mother-daughter pair Marlene and Holly raise the little horses and Holly’s children adore growing up at the same ranch.

So after it had snowed enough for the children to use their sleds, they slipped on their snow jeans and boots and hit the hills. But there was one problem.

More than one dozen yearlings meandering around a similar field where the two children wanted to sled apparently wanted to participate in the fun! Grandmother recorded every last bit of her young mini horses for a sight she’d always remember!

The yearlings simply needed to play with the children and followed her grandson everywhere throughout the field. They were a bit scared when he got his sled to slide down the slope, however they were started playing close by him, not having any desire to walk out on him.

At a certain point, Grandma yells out that the little horses are playing “follow the leader” with her grandson. These delightful animals are having a ton of fun in the snow and they are magnificent to watch in the video underneath.

Since they aren’t fully developed, these yearlings are having a ton of fun with their humans! They are so adorable, that I can’t stop watching them as they run around in the snow.

The lady’s granddaughter is capture on camera off to the side, surrounded by a few of these energetic horses who continue poking her, wanting to play. All they need to do is participate and have a great time, as well.

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