An as of late proposed hypothesis is stating that individuals with RH negative blood type have to some degree an “alien DNA.” Studies encompassing this matter have observed that RH negative blood classifications don’t have the key transformative quality from rhesus monkeys that most different people do.

Obviously, this new theory arise a question: in the event that we originated from monkeys, why might a few people not have the rhesus monkey gene?

The four normal blood classifications of today incorporate A, B, AB and O. The contrasts between every blood type is reliant on the proteins in the blood, yet with regards to RH negative blood types, which make up around 10%-15% of the populace, they don’t have these proteins.

The question that is on the psyches of researchers now, is the place this groups of RH negative blood type individuals begins from. Thinking back around 35,000 years, researchers trust that the blood classification is connected to particular tribes and groups. Europeans have the best frequency of this blood classification, yet just 3% of African-Americans have it, and just 1% of Asian individuals have it.
Some basic attributes of individuals with this blood type incorporate having a higher IQ, having a lower body temperature, having more mindfulness (physically and inwardly), having red hair, being touchy to warm, and having blue, green or hazel hued eyes.

This blood classification is covered in significantly more puzzle when we take a gander at pregnant ladies. RH negative ladies who get to be pregnant experience issues conveying a child with a RH positive blood type, as their bodies actually assault and attempt to kill the baby. Thus, they are given a unique sterilization arrangement.

In any case, why might the lady’s body assault the successor it’s been offering life to?

This is the place a moderately new hypothesis comes in and recommends that it’s conceivable outsider life has impacted this blood classification. What’s significantly more odd is that verging on each individual who has reported being stole by (or communicated with) outsiders has the RH negative blood classification.

It’s very possible that outsiders went to our planet, as they’ve accomplished for a considerable length of time, and by one means or another tooled around with the hereditary qualities of humanity. All things considered, history from everywhere throughout the world has indicated on numerous occasions, through old writings and delineations, that we’ve been visited by aliens from out of space.