Blind Man Sees Wife and Baby for the First Time, Says 2 Words That Makes Everyone Cry

Gene Purdie, from Denver, Colorado, was conceived with Stargardt’s Disease. In any case, he was just formally diagnosed when he was 16 years old. Despite the fact that he could see when he was more youthful, his vision has just relentlessly weakened as he got older.

A component on the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) site characterizes Stargardt’s Disease as “the most widely recognized type of hereditary adolescent macular degeneration”.

They explained that:

“The gradually vision loss related with Stargardt illness is brought on by the demise of photoreceptor cells in the focal part of the retina called the macula.”

The macula is in charge of sharp focal vision. It forms pictures for jobs like reading, sitting in front of the TV, and distinguish faces.

Gene was conceived with Stargardt’s Disease which deteriorated as he became older.

This implies Gene can just observe dim pictures around the edges of whatever he takes a look at. Even so, he figured out how to adapt to his condition. Truth be told, he adapted to it so well that many individuals couldn’t tell that his visual perception was damaging.

This is how the world looks like in Gene’s eyes.

Gene met his wife, Joy, precisely 16 years after his Stargardt’s Disease diagnosis. At that point, Gene was already pronounced as legitimately visually impaired. Actually, Joy relates that when she first observed Gene, she thought he didn’t care for her. “I continued waving at him and he simply continued passing by”, she remembered.

All things considered, the two fell in love and got married. They now have a child named Lincoln. Be that as it may, in this sense, he has in fact never truly observed his wife or his child. That was the reason when The Rachael Ray Show — teamed with the organization eSight — said they needed to help individuals with Stargardt’s Disease, Joy instantly called and told them about Gene.

Luckily for Gene, US TV character Rachael Ray picked him to be a piece of an extraordinary part on her show. It so happened that an agent from the company eSight was there to show the abilities of their progressive eyewear.

The eSight glasses — which looks more like a virtual reality headset — helps people with serious vision disabilities to see things obviously. The gadget has utilizes HD camera innovation to give an altered picture to the wearer.

Watch Gene’s response when he sees his wife and child for the first time:

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