Best Dad Ever Dons Leotard For “Single Ladies” Dance That’s Lighting Up The Internet.

It takes a strong man to be an extraordinary father to his little girls… however it takes a real confident man to crush himself into a leotard just to fulfill his little girls wish!

Steve Haddad of Monroe, Michigan, certainly fits into the “super confident” class. Steve’s wife Tina Spadaro Haddad shared a Christmas video of her hubby performing in a living room lip-adjust challenge with his two girls, and now the whole web is laughing hysterically! This person… this is our sort of father.

Steve and his little girls played out Beyoncé’s hit “Single Ladies,” so normally they needed to put on skin-tight black leotards and nude pantyhose, much the same as Beyoncé wears in the video.

The best part, however, is that Steve does not keep down. He gives the performance his everything! He has the hip wiggles under control and his lovable little girls simply do their best to keep up with his smooth moves.

See below the hilarious video.

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