Baby Foxes That Are Too Cute To Be True

There are many different Animal Holidays throughout the year meant to honor and celebrate all the different animals that make life here on Earth more enjoyable and more interesting.
Did you know that there is no such thing as International Baby Fox Day? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s fair. I mean, other animals get a day. Pandas get a day, and turtle as well. Heck, even pigs have a national day dedicated all to themselves. Why wouldn’t baby foxes be offered the same honor? It just doesn’t make sense.


Baby foxes’ extraordinary cuteness deserves to be celebrated, don’t you think? Not only are foxes adorable, but they also very smart and witty. They can adapt to pretty much any environment, and thrive in both cities and rural areas. Even though they are perceived as solitary, mysterious animals, there have been known cases of foxes that have developed strong, loving relationships with humans and other animals.

I bet you didn’t know that foxes have a lot in common with cats. They are both more active after the sun goes down, have sensitive whiskers and spines on their tongues. We all know cats pretty much rule the Internet, so why shouldn’t baby foxes be just as popular? There are definitely a lot of similarities between them. Moreover, I’m sure you agree baby foxes are just as adorable as kittens.
If you’re still not convinced that baby foxes deserve a national day and be celebrated properly for their overwhelming cuteness, then maybe these adorable pictures will make you change your mind. 6-78



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