An old man from Romania who was living in inhumane conditions received via Facebook users a new home!

Impressed by his story, a group of young people mobilized on Facebook, and raised money to arranged a new home for this old man in a modular container.

For about 20 years, this old man lives in a shelter built from cardboard and old planks full of water. This man is not a homeless as you think of, but a man who had tremendous power of labor, a man who never gave up in spite of the trouble that has affected his life. Following the fire that destroyed his home, he decided to start again from scratch, even if all his life’s savings went lost, write

The ray of hope appeared when some guys mobilized on Facebook, and started promoting his story.

“At first we didn’t get any help, but at one point, when begun to snow, Laurentiu Croiala put some pictures on Facebook with the old man and the picture title was: here is also going to snow. And so the people started to mobilize and give money, ” says a young man involved in the campaign organized on Facebook.

This people were able to gather 800 euros, and through a benefactor who donated them the modular container, they began to organise it as a new house. The entire work was ready in 2 weeks, so the old man, Mr. Ion, can have a new home for the holidays.

“No one has ever become poor by giving” they said!

Big thumbs up for this guys!

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