Amazing Photographs Capture Moment New Island Emerges From The Ocean

The crew team of the Maiken was having a sail trip through the South Pacific, when they recognized a bizarre discolouration on the water.
Supposing it was a sandbar, they went to examine it, yet as they got closer, it uncovered itself to be something else altogether – there was a colossal measure of pumice stone skimming to the surface of the water. The group chose to cruise through it, leaving a break in the stone behind them as they went. As they kept on cruising through it, the field of pumice got significantly bigger as they went through it. The group began to feel uneasy and increased their speed.


When they were far enough from the pumice stone wall, they heard a weak thundering. They turned back and saw the water bubbling from the surface. The wellspring of the stone was really an active volcano that was erupting at that moment!
Once the smoke cleared they saw something interesting exactly at the water’s surface… The staggered group couldn’t believe what they were seeing: another island was being conceived just before their eyes.


They cruised a tiny bit closer to ensure their eyes weren’t playing traps on them. Their eyes were coming clean. They just saw another island take structure. Amazing!

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