Adorable dog plays with NYPD police horse on Wall Street

What could be more adorable than two completely different animal species become close friends with each other and seeing them interact? This cute little pup named Frenchie was walking around with his proprietor on Wall Street, New York when they discovered a “huge” police horse.

Police were present in the are due to the Occupy Wall Street protests, and slowly individuals saw Frenchie and the steed befriending each other. Truth be told, they even figured out how to draw attention of a little group of people. It’s a beautiful presentation of love and charm that you really need to see with your own eyes.

The delightful French bulldog unquestionably wanted to spend some time with his new companion after he remained fascinated just looking at him. Everybody can see that Frenchie wants to play as he bounces and circles in sheer excitement.

The stallion looks a bit confused, but also amused, yet since he was on active duty, he remained entirely professional. It’s a stunning blend of feelings and evidence that friendship have no limits. See below the heartwarming meeting between these two cuteness!

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