Adele Pulls Off Awesome Hidden-Camera Prank On Juice Bar Workers

We definitely realize that Adele is very much a major fan of pranks, yet this most recent video just demonstrates this even more so. The vocalist joined Ellen DeGeneres show and together plan a prank and played it on the Jamba Juice store employees.
Adele took directions from Ellen, through an earpiece, who was back in the studio, on what to say, do, and even eat.
After Adele’s “assistant” requests that the staff treat Adele like a normal person regardless of her popularity, Adele take the center of the stage.
To begin with, Adele confounds the staff by requesting “a large drink but in a small cup”. Next she asked about the smoothies on offer. She kept on going with the jokes, asking for a shot of amaretto, since “she hasn’t had a drink in hours,” and after that she ask for a pair of scissors and cuts a bit of wheatgrass and eats it in front of them. Watch the whole prank in the video below!

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