An Abandoned Kitten Lies In The Yard — Then A Crow Swoops In And Does The Unthinkable

In 1999, a little cat showed up in the yard of an elderly Massachusetts couple, and it was so small to the point that Wallace and Ann Collito at first thought it was a rodent. The Collitos thought that somebody had tossed the striped little cat over the fence into their yard and they stressed over its welfare until they saw the feline’s unlikely caretaker, an American crow.

The Collitos were amazed to see how the crow took the little cat — whom they’d named Cassie — under its wing and started feeding it worms and bugs. They couldn’t trust their eyes as they watched the crow they’d named Moses feeding Cassie, shielding her from different creatures and cawing to keep her out of the road. They knew nobody would trust the amazing story unless they had confirmation, so they started taping and capturing the lively cat and its vigilant winged guardian.

In the end, the Collitos could persuade Cassie inside with feline nourishment and she spent her nighttimes getting a charge out of the extravagances of indoor feline life, however every morning at 6 a.m., Moses would peck at the screen entryway searching for his companion, and Wallace and Ann let Cassie out to play. The impossible companions invested hours playing and wrestling outside, and the Collitos taped the lively pair’s ventures for a long time until one day Moses quit appearing. American crows live just seven to eight years in the wild, so it’s felt that Moses passed away.

Ann Colito died in 2006, yet Cassie — who’s presently 12 years old — still lives with Wallace in their Massachusetts home, and Cassie and Moses’ story will keep on touching lives and show lessons about kinship for quite a long time to come, on account of another kids’ book by Lisa Fleming. The 48-page book, “Cat and Crow: An Amazing Friendship,” shares the tale of Cassie and Moses’ extraordinary bond and incorporates news sections and photos of the two. It was released on Oct. 16, which is National Feral Cat Day.

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