A Teacher Stood In Front Of Her Class And Held Up A $20 Bill. The Lesson She Teaches Her Students.. PRICELESS!

A teacher stood in front of her class and held up a $20 bill.
Then she asked: “Who wants this?” and all the students raised their hand.

She folded the bill in half then in half again and asked: “Who wants it now?” and the students raised again their hand.
She then crumpled up the bill and threw it on the ground. “Surely you don’t want it now?” Still, every kid said they’d take it.
She stepped on the bill and pressed it further into the floor. “Now who wants the bill?” Every kid kept their hand in the air.

“Today, you’ve learned a great lesson,” the teacher explained. “Whatever I do to this bill, you still want it. That’s because you know its value
is still $20, no matter what’s happened to it or what it looks like. No matter how much life may beat you down, no matter how poorly someone may treat you,
it will never affect your worth. You will feel used and pushed away. But no matter what, you’ll still be valuable to those who love you!”

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