98 Years Old Granny Interrupts Country Singer’s Performance, But No One Expects THIS!

Every country musician dreams to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, and in case they’re sufficiently fortunate to make it up there, it’s an amazing knowledge of which they need to take full advantage. In February this yeat, contemporary country singer Josh Turner got his hotly anticipated turn at Nashville’s reality acclaimed Opry — however it’s what he accomplished for his grandma in-law on the phase that is currently becoming famous online.

Amid his set and before the live group of onlookers, Turner takes the mic and says, “My wife’s 98 year old grandma, her name is Lois Cunningham, and she’s going to come join the fun on the Grand Ole Opry stage for the first run through.” That’s privilege — Turner welcomed his wife’s granny to take the spotlight and treat the group to a genuine execution of “How Great Thou Art.” It’s reasonable to see this has been Lois’ fantasy for a considerable length of time, and she’s at long last getting her opportunity to play before such a large number of fans and companions. She might be in her Golden Years, however she is awesome!

Before the end, I couldn’t keep down the tears as Lois gets a merited overwhelming applause. Josh Turner did a superb thing for Lois. It’s stunning to see that even at 98 years of age, dreams can at present work out as expected.

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