8-Yr-Old Serenades Ellen With Ed Sheeran Song, But When He Turns Around His Reaction Is Priceless

If you watch Ellen DeGenerese Show on a daily basis, then you probably already know about Kai, Ellen’s most loved artist. At the point when Kai was 5 years old, Ellen initially found him and took him onto her show to sing an enthusiastic interpretation of “Roar” for the audience. Ellen couldn’t get enough, so she brought him back on the show a while later to cover Bruno Mars for her. This past summer, Kai returned again and sang “Cake by the Ocean” for Ellen. His mark style of performing– eyes shut tight combined with wild gesturing– made everyone fall in love with him.

Presently, Kai is no more than 8 years old, and he’s back once more! This time, he’s singing Ed Sheeran’s Hit “Thinking out loud.” He supposes he’s only there to converse with Ellen and sing again– and that is all Ellen thinks too– until an unexpected visitor crashes his show… Ed Sheeran himself!

It turns out, Ed Sheeran was backstage adapting to go on the show after Ellen. In any case, when he heard Kai was covering his melody, he simply needed to go out and amaze the little fan! Kai’s response is so funny.

To start with, he has no clue anybody has come up behind him! Despite the fact that the audience is shouting, he expect they’re giving a shout out to his performance (either that or he’s so lost in his execution he’s unmindful of the people in the audience).

When he at long last turns and sees Ed Sheeran, he melts down and all he can say is “hi.”

Who wouldn’t be nervous meeting Ed Sheeran? We fell you little budy!

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