6 years after raising wild gorilla he introduces his wife, despite the warnings, she gets too close

When Damian Aspinall, a rich conservationist, introduced his new spouse with two old friends of him, he didn’t hope to need to keep an eye out for one of them stealing his wife from him. Considering they are gorillas!

Damian Aspinall raised two gorillas named Djalta and Ima from being little babies to 12-year-old, completely grown chimps, before letting them live into the wilderness. Four years after, the time had come to meet them again in their natural habitat.

Damian wanted to present his wife, Victoria, to his old friends he had raised, yet they needed to tread carefully. Going through crocodile waters, the couple at long last achieved the primates in their new home. The Western Lowland gorillas cherished their new home so they weren’t at first very enthused about people they didn’t know coming into their home.

You may imagine that, after being allowed to sit unbothered in the wilderness for quite a long time, Djalta and Ima may not be so cheerful to see Damian. Be that as it may seem, the lovely apes welcomed him back with open arms and even got friendly with his new spouse on their first meeting.

After carefully moving toward the primates, Victoria turned out to be friendly with the 300-pound lovely apes and quickly fell in love. The experience included loads of embraces and attention, bringing about Ima taking her cap and Victoria resting in Ima’s lap, enabling him to play with her hair. It appears like Ima doesn’t want Victoria to leave anymore.

It is obviously that Ima and Djalta approved of Damian’s new spouse; so much, that they needed to keep her for themselves. See the beautiful encounter between Ima and Victoria in the video below:

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