5-year-old calls 911 for dad, but it’s her hilarious confession to dispatcher that’s gone viral

Children can say and do the darnedest things, much the same as five-year-old Savannah whose lovely antics have turned into a web sensation. Savannah finds her father in pain and she knows that he needs help.

The discussion Savannah has with the 911 dispatcher is hilarious! Her father thought he had a heart attack and calls 911.

But the torment is to high and he can barely breathe, so little Savannah takes the telephone. She reassures her father that he will be alright and figures out how to remain inexplicably calm for the span of the 911 call.

Savannah tells the 911 dispatcher that her father “can’t hardly breathe” and said to him that assistance needs to hurry a bit and get to their home. The dispatcher tells her that assistance is on the way.

She turns and tells to her poppa that he’ll be alright and help is coming. The dispatcher asks if the front door is opened, but Savannah doesn’t know, so she needs to ask her father about this detail.

When she finds the entryway is locked, the dispatcher asks her to open it for the paramedics. In any case, when Savannah understands that outsiders will arrive in her home, it comes to her that she and her father are as yet wearing their pajamas.

She decides that she needs to put on something else before the rescuers arrive. She tells the dispatcher that since she’s in a tank top, she needs to go to her room and get dressed.

In any case, the dispatcher delicately intervenes and tells her that she really needs to stay with her father. The dispatcher constantly asks as to whether her father is doing ok.

However, sweet Savannah can’t stop thinking about her clothing. She truly doesn’t need the paramedics to see her in her jammies!

She discloses to him that “I don’t know what I’m going to wear, but he really needs oxygen quick.” Then she introduce the dispatcher to her puppy LouLou who clearly likes to bark a lot, yet is a friendly dog.

You need to listen to little Savannah’s sweet conversation all through the 911 call and how hilarious it is when she segues into different fields.

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