4 Year Old Screams Inside McDonald’s Bathroom, Then Mom Looks Down And Sees It. Cruel!

A 4-year-old girl was left in tears a McDonald’s bathroom, after being superglued to the toilet seat as part of a cruel joke.
Nicole Langmead, 24, of Exeter, Devon, was having a good time with at McDonald’s on Exeter’s High Street when her little girl Kaya went to use the restroom. After a period of time waiting for her daughter, Ms Langmead started to become stressed until the young girl strolled out of the restroom screaming of agony. Before Kaya used the restroom, Nicole said two high school young ladies were leaving the washroom. They were chuckling and giggling, however Nicole didn’t consider much it. Before Kaya had entered the washroom, the two teenagers poured superglue on the toilet seat. After being glued to the toilet seat, the sking from the back of her legs was ripped off causing her a huge pain.
Thanks to the CCTV footage of the incident, the police officers managed to find out who the young ladies were and made proper move against the guilty parties.


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