3 little girls wave to the garbage men every week. One day, the men receive a heartbreaking note from the girls’ parents

Two garbage men, Brandon Olsen and Taylor Fritz always wanted to go to the Evenson family house.

Angie Evenson’s three girls would stay by the window each Thursday and sit tight enthusiastically for the men. When they came, the young ladies would wave and the men joyfully waved back.

This had been continuing for over a year until the point when a sadly news changed everything.

3-year-old Rosie was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer and the family’s timetable needed to change as they now had significantly more difficulties to experience.

One day, Brandon and Taylor got a note from the Evensons that broke their hearts. In it, the family discussed Rosie’s condition. They clarified that some of her medicines had been scheduled for Thursdays and this implied the young ladies won’t be out to welcome the men like they normally did.

The men were extremely upset about hearing this news and knew they needed to do something to help the family.

Brandon said in a meeting:

“This family changed my life forever — I read the note and was in tears. Being a father, it’s hard and scary to think of a scenario in which I am in that circumstance.”

The two men moved toward their manager at Hometown Sanitation and inquired as to whether they could give the family one of the worker benefits they get which was free trash pick-up benefit for a year.

A couple of days after the fact, a letter was sent to the Evenson family which read:

The Evenson family was extremely thankful for this act of kidness. It put a smile on their faces as they confronted an extremely difficult time.

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