25 genius kids with brilliantly hilarious test answers

Children nowadays are so brilliant, you’d be shocked with their thinking. For example, me and my 3-year-old child were perusing a Peter Pan book one day and after that we achieved the part where The Lost Boys were presented. My kid all of a sudden asked, “Why are they lost?” I calmly replied “No, they’re not lost. That is recently their group’s name.” I, in any case, needed to hold my laugher until we finished reading as I understood how hilarious his question was.

Such youthful mind isn’t really phenomenal nowadays. Truth be told, the arrangement beneath will demonstrate to you how savvy and humorous a few children can get.

1. The chinese imigrant

2. Tough kid

3. The pet lover

4. Well… this is a bit too far. Lol

5. He has a point

6. Pretty accurate

7. Genius

8. Ten words

9. Foul-mouthed kid

10. Show your thinking

11. Honest words

12. How to make your marriage to work

13. A young advocate of wounded warriors

14. Heartless indeed

15. That is true

16. In case you’re confused, this girl’s mommy sells snow shovels

17. And that’s what she did

18. Nice try

19. No words to describe this

20. Bullseye

21. This teacher is awesome

22. One word

23. Not gonna happen

24. Communism

25. Future programmer

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