$213 Train Ride Shows You All Of America’s Most Beautiful Sights

Traveling and visiting different places should be on top of your bucket list because this is the most rewarding experience. It’s the best way to learn new cultures and develop, to marvel at everything that planet Earth brings to the table. Finding an opportunity to set yourself free from life’s duties can be pretty hard to do, but if you have the open door and time, it can be one of the more amazing choices you will ever made. Now, you can travel America for only over $200 in this coast-to-coast experience via train, and get the opportunity to witness a part of the best sites that America has to offer.

In case you’re stressed over the trip planning, travel blogger Derek Low has stepped up with a simple plan to help you travel across America at a friendly cost of only $200.

Traveling from San Francisco to New York, a 3,397-mile travel awaits you that goes through 11 states. Even better, going by train covers your accommodation, with your very own lodge, and food available to you. You can kick back, and ingest the beautiful journey, check off sights and landmarks that are famous around the world.

By avoiding using your every last cent, this excursion will take you through a large part of the mainland United States, in the trip of a lifetime that would some way or another cost you more cash as well as a lot of time. With regards to how you can begin on this amazing journey, Low lays out the details.

Beginning from San Francisco to Chicago, it will just cost you $130 if bought through California Zephyr tickets. You can extend your journey by exchanging to the Lake Shore Limited train for just an extra $83, bringing your total amount to just a stunning $213.

In case you’re keen on making a beeline for one of the most popular and visited cities on the planet, the Lake Shore Limited transfer will take you through the Midwest and Pennsylvania, with a fabulous stop in the center of Manhattan, through Penn Station. Along your way to the Big Apple, you’ll witness sights of Lake Michigan, and go through the Finger Lakes locale in upstate New York, giving you a look at 11 magnificent lakes.

At your own particular recreation, you can likewise take reroutes and stop en route for some incredible sights in Cleveland and Boston. The choice of upgrading is likewise accessible to you, with a Business Class access that will give you access to more goodies, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks, access to lounges, and your own particular car seating.

Besides, if you aren’t yet charmed by this chance and are fearing the planing aspect, Low will even completely book your excursion for you for the minimal effort of $49, sparing you the time and the headache. Regardless of whether you’ve travel previously, or never at all, this is an opportunity that contains the marvels of America and will leave you with stories for a lifetime. From breathless skylines to incredibly amazing body of waters, this is a phenomenal life experience that awaits you.

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