15 Inventions for Your Home That Deserve the Nobel Prize Right Now

There are already lots of things that make our easier every day. In any case, there’s still space for creativity and change even in this full of technology life.

Here are a selection of household items that will positively influence you to respect their creators minds.

1. Heated mirror

Thanks to the heating system behind the mirror, it will never mists up again.

2. Two-way toothpaste

This invention will help you remove easily the remaining toothpaste in the tube.

3. Buckleless belt

Or how we prefer to call it: the invisible belt, this invention will never bother your belly again.

4. Double-sided lamp

This is the perfect solution in case you have 2 separate beds in a bedroom and one of the owners like to read late at night.

5. Multifunctional phone rest

This brilliant invention can adapt to serve any purpose.

6. Digital coin bank

Now you won’t have to count your piggy bank money again thanks to this helpful solution.

7. Folding sunglasses

This easy fold-unfold glasses are helpful for those who doesn’t like to wear the glasses on their head or hang them on their t-shirt and so on.

8. Overlapping curtain tracks

No sun ray shall pass this curtains!

9. Mini iron

Easy to carry on with you thanks to its compact size, this is an ideal solution for those who travel a lot and don’t have time to iron their clothes.

10. Portable light balls

Now its easy to go somewhere around your home at night without open every light in the house, thanks to these portable light balls.

11. Mini Power charger

The creation of this item had one purpose and that is to fit even in the smallest bag.

12. Illuminated showerhead

This is indeed a valuable invention and the colors are a temperature indicator. Also, it is hydropowered and doesn’t require any batteries or chargers.

13. Smart bed

This bed adapts to your body temperature, warms you and wakes you in the morning.

14. Butterfly keyboard

This weird keyboard allows your hands to stay in a natural position when typing.

15. Multifunctional bed

This bed has all the features you wish for: audio system, ambient lights, lots of storage cells and beside a rest place it is also a workbench in case you don’t have time to go to the gym.

Which of the above invention suits you most?
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