15 of the Funniest and Wittiest Replies to Wrong Number Text Messages

Paraphrasing an exemplary quote, there are four things we can never get back in life – the stone after it is thrown, the word after it is said, the deed after it is done, and, obviously, the instant message after it is sent!

Let’s face it that everybody has gotten wrong number instant messages somehow. Generally, a large number of us may have basically disregarded the said messages and proceeded onward with our lives, leaving the texter asking why the individual they messaged never tried to answer.

The general population you will see underneath, be that as it may, set aside the opportunity to react to mixed up messages in extremely silly ways. Trust me – I invested a lot of time laughing as I read these!

Go look down and get ready to laugh away:

1. Your dad just passed on

2. Dr. we need your help!

3. Our baby was born today

4. Help from a brother

5. Now this is one hell of a response! LOL

6. Who is this?

7. See you there!

8. Do I look like Jessica?

9. My bad

10. Talking about standards

11. That’s what grandma’s do

12. George Foreman

13. Come over

14. Your boyfriend made me pregnant

15. Wrong number bro

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