13 of the most hysterical texts that Moms sent to their children

Mothers are unquestionably awesome.

From the minute a kid is born until their last day, a mother will care constantly for their child. There’s nothing she can’t do aside from possibly figuring out how to utilize instant messages…

It appears like everybody has an entertaining “Message from Mom” story. Regardless of whether it was her first time getting an advanced mobile phone, an autocorrect fail, or mother simply being mother, the instant messages are hilarious.

See below the 13 print screens of the best messages mothers have ever sent.

1. Well..

2. LOL

3. Oops!

4. Google guru

5. Never mind


7. What did I just say? LOL

8. Smooth

9. Ouch!

10. WTF

11. Loser

12. This phone seems to have no instructions. Lol

13. Cruel

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