10-Year-Old Brings Audience To Tears Singing ‘Hallelujah,’ Then They Find Out She’s Autistic

Ten-year-old Kaylee Rodgers of Northern Ireland has dependably struggled to interact successfully.

When she began grade school, Kaylee “wouldn’t generally talk, wouldn’t generally read out in class,” Mashable reports.

Presently, she’s remaining at the front of her school’s choir, singing the lead vocals to an extensive group of onlookers. Kaylee goes to Killard House School, where they as of late had their holiday show.

Kaylee did wonderful execution of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, and people were more than inspired with her vocal abilities. Kaylee’s ability is unbelievable for any 10-year-old, yet it’s significantly more noteworthy when you discover that she experiences a mental imbalance and consideration shortage hyperactivity issue (ADHD).

Kaylee’s principal, Colin Millar, clarified that for Kaylee “to stand and perform before a crowd of people is stunning. It requires a great deal of exertion on Kaylee’s part.”

As indicated by Autism Speaks, “Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a mental imbalance are both general terms for a gathering of complex issue of mental health. These scatters are portrayed, in shifting degrees, by challenges in social association, verbal and nonverbal correspondence and boring practices.”

On top of her autism, Kaylee additionally has ADHD, which regularly incorporates indications like negligence, hyperactivity and lack of caution.

For Kaylee to remain before a group and sing is genuinely astonishing — you could never know from watching and listening to her that Kaylee battles with this disorders by any means.

Individuals who have viewed the video have had overwhelmingly positive remarks.

One woman composed, “Stunning, what an extraordinary voice. She truly suited the melody as well,” and another said, “What a stunning version. Her voice is shocking and the small vocalists in the choir sounded excellent as well.”


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