10+ hilarious times humans had to protect their Christmas decorations from mean cats and dogs

The holidays are an awesome time for everybody, including pets. Yummy food, lovely visitors, and new shows; what’s not to appreciate? But sometimes, our furry friends can get a bit excessively excited, seeing Christmas trees and holiday decor as their own toy.

This can clearly prompt a couple of headaches for pet proprietors; however, the accompanying owners have shared their creative solutions. In the event that your pet’s been assaulting your holiday decorations, there is no reason to fuss! With these exceptional and motivating examples, you can guarantee that your holiday festivities go down smoothly, while your decorations remain up.

1. Putting your Christmas Tree in a cage can be a solution

2. Or to put it on the wall.. will also save you space in your house!

3. Ceilings also count as wall space, by the way

4. Here’s another great example of using wall and ceiling space

5. Or dress you furry friend in Santa every time he climbs on the tree, like this owner did. This one learned his lesson

6. “Damn you human”

7. Or a virtual tree…

8. In case you were wondering— this is also effective for a fox

9. “My dad told me had to dog proof the Christmas tree. This was not what I expected”

10. “Really human, really?”

11. Convincing your pet THEY ARE the tree is another option

12. This cat likely hasn’t moved since the picture was taken

13. Both, dog and child proof. Genius!

14. A beer bottle tree will definitely confuse your pet

15. Think outside the box

16. Or be original

17. Try taking a more “natural” approach

18. Turn it into an art project

19. Use grandma’s plastic-covered couch as inspiration

20. A stylistic approach

21. And last but certainly not least, use their fears to your advantage

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