A few people simply need to be held, which is absolutely reasonable. It’s cozy, it’s comfortable and it makes us to feel safe.

Clearly, the same goes for wild animals.

While lots of us would believe that wild animals would run at seeing people that wasn’t the situation for this little baby deer who simply needed to be held by some linemen who discovered him.

A group of linemen who were dealing with some electrical lines found the deer and saved him from getting hurt when they were clearing a few lines.

The poor little deer was frightened and anxious thus they chose to try to comfort it.

Rather than running off the infant deer stuck like glue to the linemen and cried each time the linemen wanted to put him down.

The expression on this infant deer’s face is so sweet. He looks so glad, satisfied and comfortable. Gratefully, the deer’s mother wasn’t too far away behind and they were later rejoined.

It’s pretty bizarre to us that this little baby deer attached so close to this linemen however we’re happy this story has a happy ending.