When Regan’s owner passed away, none of her family wanted to bring Regan into their homes, so sadly the poor dog was sent to an animal shelter. Suddenly alone, she accepted her lonely fate.

Regan was then sent to a temporary home in Lebanon, Tennessee, where she would meet his future friend, Kim. Kim saw Regan right away she entered in the shelter and tried to present herself. Yet, the lonely and sad pup was too shy to socialise.

Yet Kim wasn’t willing to abandon Regan and following 3 days of persistence, Regan in the long run started to trust Kim. “You could tell she was terrified and scared. I would go in and give her treats and sit with her and talk,” Kim said of their interactions.

After Kim earned Reagan’s trust she concluded that she couldn’t leave Regan at the shelter and chose to take her home with her. Kim planned to foster Regan until she found a forever home.

She knew Regan will be happy if she’ll leave the shelter, yet she never expected just how much it would mean to her.

And when they were heading to Kim’s home, Regan did something that broke Kim’s heart. Regan put her paw over Kim’s hand and wouldn’t let go. Even when Kim took her hand away to pay attention at the road, Regan would push her with her paw and request her hand back.

Regan was unmistakably so thankful for Kim’s kindness to take her from the sadness she lived in the animal shelter. Dogs have feelings the same as people have and Regan’s response is the confirmation of that.