Town Locks Up Church For 70 Years, Then A Dying Man Gets In And Makes A Stunning Realization

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Greg Thomas was 57 years of age when his doctor told him he was in stage-four of cancer. He was given only a couple of months to live, and specialists advised his family to begin getting ready for his burial service.

In spite of the fact that his body was becoming weaker, Greg dealt with his worry by going on walks with his darling dog through the Minnesota farmland. On one day, he took an alternate way than ordinary. It drove him to a 150-year-old church that was worked by Czech pilgrims.

Greg could see that the little wooden church, which had been forsaken, was starting to rot. The paint was peeling off, the rooftop was worn out and the floor was decaying. Nobody walked in for a long time.

Greg and his canine sat down on the front strides of the congregation. He started to cry, and after that ask God for a miracle.

That is the point at which the moribund man felt a sudden desire to enter through the congregation entryways — and once inside, he was hit with a solid feeling of obligation.

Notwithstanding his sickness, Greg knew without a second’s pause that he needed to reestablish the congregation back to its unique brilliance.

Through the span of the following couple of years, a marvel occurred… and you don’t need to be a religious individual to be overwhelmed by what occurred next.

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