There’s almost certainly that “The Sound of Silence” is a pretty well known melody. It even reached the 1st place on national charts. The people melody by Simon and Garfunkel was initially released in 1964 and has been singed by numerous artists on various events, however this awesome cover originates from an unexpected source.

None other than Todd Hoffman, professional gold miner and reality star from the TV program “Gold Rush” loves singing. “The Sound of Silence” is a difficult melody to execute as it puts a ton of weight on the vocals.

Todd Hoffman was born in 1972 and chosen to throw his life around in 2008 when the financial crisis hit. He used to have his own particular airspace organization where he rented out of space for private jets yet hit a monetary low amid the crisis. Since the value of gold was vigorously increasing because of the government printing additional cash, he needed to go mine gold in Alaska with a group of unemployed individuals. The tv show demonstrate “Gold Rush” was born and it turned into a win.

It’s astonishing to see that a star from Discovery Channel has such a surprising and beautiful voice that flawlessly fits with the tone of a melody like this.

The man posted a video of his cover on his YouTube channel and says that despite everything he isn’t totally happy with his vocal execution, yet feels like he is moving forward. Even if Todd supposes he can improve the situation, this cover is pretty much amazing and overwhelmed the web.

“Here is a short video Brian shot to go over my cover melody. It’ was the hardest vocals up until this point. It looks like I’m progressive however far from where I might want to go. Appreciate.” he posted in the video description.

Todd has a solid timbre and a rough voice however unmistakably has no troubles with the higher notes. You can see that the man played the song from the bottom of his heart and can be extremely pleased with the outcome.