Struggling Mom Texts The Wrong Man By Mistake, Then The Stranger Says He’s Coming To Find Her

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Amy Rickel, a mother-of-three, had as of late fallen on harsh circumstances. She moved her children to Green Bay, Wisconsin so her children could be nearer to their father. Be that as it may, simultaneously, Amy got to be homeless and jobless with three youthful children to raise.

At that point, Amy’s auto broken down. They were living out of a lodging room, yet once her cash ran out they had no place to go; the greater part of the nearby shelters that can take them, had three-month holding up lists.

With nothing else to do, at the most desperate time in her life, Amy chose to connect with her companions and ask for prayers. She needed to send a private Facebook message to her companion Brian, yet wound up sending it to an outsider with a comparative name.

The second she understood her error, Amy immediately apologized to Brian Van Boxtel.

“Oops! Wrong message!” she messaged.

Amy started crying and praying. She was at that point feeling totally miserable, and now she was humiliated. Yet, in that exact second, she out of the blue got a message over from the man she mistakenly messaged.

Brian trusted Amy had informed him for a reason.

What happened in the wake of that one incidental Facebook message — and what unfurled through the span of the following nine days — is currently being known as a Christmas marvel.

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