We’ll all get to be old one day, however a few people overlook that and treat elderly people with no respect.

A man named Marcus was eating his meal in a restaurant, when suddenly he heard noisy laughing from the restroom. The giggles didn’t stop, so Marcus got up and went to the washroom to see what was happening.

When he entered in the restroom, he understood that what was going on there wasn’t amusing in any way. A few youngsters were laughing and and making fun of an old man who was crying since he couldn’t get off of the toilet alone.

Marcus didn’t think it was funny at all and moved toward the toilet, prepared to help the old man. The man clarified that he had left his stick outside thus couldn’t get up. Marcus guaranteed to help him. The old man, embarrassed and with tears in his eyes, opened the entryway and the young fellow lifted up his jeans, shut his belt and helped him out.

The thankful old man embraced Marcus, who made the gathering of adolescents apologize for their disturbing conduct.

Marcus is, doubtlessly, an incredible case of compassion, respectability and solidarity. The world needs more individuals like him.

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