When Castiel was found by citizens of Los Angeles, nobody expected he was something other than a normal stray puppy. He even had a kind of collar, which means he used to have proprietors who treated him like a pet. In any case, their care wasn’t that great, as the poor dog was extremely underweight and, as it turned out later, full of parasites. His rescuers took him to the closest shelter not expecting any surprise.

Neighborhood shelter staff soon found the creature was about a year old and really ended up being a wolf-dog hybrid. That wasn’t awesome news for Castiel, as it turned out to be clear he couldn’t remain in the shelter with normal dogs and must be moved into a specific facility. The entire plan turned to be difficult to achieve, as the pooch was so frightened and declined to leave the corner of the hospital.

Luckily, rescuers figured out how to bathe and treat him.

In the end, Castiel began making improvements. He put on some weight and had his fur back, even more, parasites never again bothered him. After he reestablished his unique look, the time had come to go to his new home.

His hard life transformed Castiel into a loner, and at first he didn’t know how to interact with other inhabitants. But the most important, he needed to figure out how to set up a bond with a local wolf pack.

Anyway, he was happy being outside, and soon began demonstrating interest for the other animals. And eventually he manage to became friend with Tenali, a 3-year-old female wolf, opened Castiel’s heart and relieve his traumatic past memories.

What a happy ending story!