Despite the fact that we’ve already seen dresses submerged into the Dead Sea, these outfits left us in awe. French designer Sylvie Facon sews dresses with such lovely textures and attention to detail, they would steal any catwalk.

Facon even made one of her outfits from the spines of old texts. She collaborate at the dress with costume creator Morgane E. Grosdemange, and the steampunk-inspired piece of clothing features the fantastic versatility of Facon’s aptitudes. See below the garments even Cinderella would envy and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Book spines dresses

Painted ‘old town’ dress, encrusted with lace

Dresses mad of violin and sheet music

Floral garden dresses

The Knight dress, interpretation of an illustration by Didier Graffet